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Arccon Construction was created when an architect and a contractor formed a team to begin constructing projects, hence the name “ARCCON.” The beneficial union of this team brings better understanding from both sides of the table, as historically relations between contractors and architects have the tendency to be adversarial. Furthermore, intimate knowledge of both design and construction, allows our firm to generate cost saving solutions, which meet the design criteria and honor the budget.

Who We Are

There’s a big difference between architects who build and contractors that design.

As an architect, our firm’s president, Steve Arend, worked on large downtown projects such as the Statehouse, where he experienced firsthand the lack of care and foresight by various general contractors and he knew there had to be a better way.

As a contractor, our firm’s vice-president, Jim Boggs, is conscientious and attentive to detail. It is not necessarily our goal to be the lowest price, but it is always our goal to present an honest and complete price of what it will take to build a job.

Bottom line, yes, we are cost-competitive, yet, because of our firm’s business philosophy, integrity, ongoing employee development and years of project experience, we bring overall simplicity and a better building experience to the owner and design professional. As our valued repeat clients already know, we invite you to experience this difference for yourselves.

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